10000 AH monomer battery from Thunder-sky Winston attracted venture capital in the 6th battery show

Date:2015-09-20 13:29:17

September 15 to 17, this show was held in NOVI hall in Detroit, Michigan. 10000 AH monomer large-capacity energy storage rare earth lithium-ion power battery from Thunder-sky Winston gave a shock in the international battery industry. Visiting experts believed that Thunder-sky Winston will bring a revolution in the energy storage and a new technology for the world energy storage field.


THE BATTERY SHOW has become a primary battery technology exhibition in North America

The success in the first 5 sessions has made it the largest advanced battery industry exhibition in North America, which provides battery technologies and solutions. More and more battery manufacturers attended it, for example, LG, A123, SIEMENS, SONICS, DOWKOKAM, LISHEN, and so forth.


This year's event added a display area - reserve power supply area. Thus, this session of show has three display areas: new type battery area, EV tech area, and reserve power supply area.

New battery area (BATTERY SHOW) mainly displays all kinds of new type of battery, cathode and anode materials, electrolytes, ultrasonic metal welding equipment, raw materials, battery production equipment, battery management system, test equipment, laboratory equipment, BATTERY recycling equipment, testing equipment, separators, energy management synergy, wire connection equipment and so forth.

Electric vehicle technology area (ELECTRIC&HYBRID EXPO) was opened to all exhibitors and visitors, and displayed electric vehicles, transmission systems, test systems, EV-related technologies and inventions.

Reserve power supply area (CRITICAL POWER EXPO) gathered manufacturers and suppliers, distributor as well as buyers in non-interrupted power supply equipment and systems, standby power supply equipment and technology, UPS equipment and detection systems and so forth.

Thunder-sky Winston exhibited its monomer 10000 AH large capacity battery


As an international well-known enterprise in the field of battery, Thunder-sky Winston did not miss this event. Its booth area was 20 x20 feet with booth No. 21020. This conformed the corporate style. The said company always shocks the industry and the world.

The said company’s shown products included WB - LYP and TS - LTHP. WB - LYP has 8 types: 10000AH, 400 AH, 200 AH, 160 AH, 130AH, 60AH, and 40AH so forth. TS - LTHP has 4 types: 2000AH12V, 750AH, 500AH, and 250AH.

Thunder-sky Winston was popular in this show, attracting attention of all exhibitors and visitors. Some experts and professors made a special trip from New York and Washington and so forth for the purpose of seeing 10000AH and 1000AH monomer batteries. They got information from Mr. Zhong Xuhang general manager in Winston and put forward some major problems in the field of battery, hoping to learn more about rare earth lithium-ion batteries. Industry peers and visiting experts believed that Thunder-sky Winston was innovative in the field of energy storage and promoted the change in energy storage technology all over the world. A lot of venture capital firms paid their attention to it. During this show, the heads from more than venture capital firms showed interests in rare earth lithium-ion batteries and were eager to learn more about rare earth lithium-ion batteries and establish cooperation relationship with Thunder-sky Winston.

Energy storage technology is becoming the core of the new energy revolution


If the battery now is the crown of science and technology innovation, then the large capacity high safety energy storage battery is the pearl on the crown. It is the key of the world's science and technological innovation and is the core of the new energy revolution.

Because, first of all, for the traditional power sector, there is no perfect solution in the peak /valley power fluctuations. If the energy storage technology is used, then it can save about 1 billion KW sufficient for operations with 40 million pure electric vehicles.

Second, energy storage technology is an indispensable part of the smart power grid. The smart power grid should self-heal and exchange information in addition to being economic, compatible, integrated, safe, and so forth. These requirements should be met via energy storage technology.

Again, energies from wind and light and electricity are not stable. Their volatility should be solved to achieve the smooth output via the energy conversion.

Finally, in the development of new energy vehicles, especially electric cars, there is a need for the energy storage technology to solve the problems in charging and power grid separating, which can both guarantee the free charge in EV and the operation of the power grid.

Authoritative research institutions predict that by 2020, the scale of China's energy storage market alone will exceed 600 billion yuan.

Energy storage type rare earth lithium-ion batteries will lead the revolution of battery energy storage technology

Energy storage technology is backward but has a large market potential. In current energy storage methods, pumped storage technology is mature, but limited by geographical conditions, so unable to come into large-scale promotion; Electromagnetic energy storage and phase change energy storage require more high-end technical support, so having a long way to go. At present, only the battery energy storage is the most realistic and the most potential, and is more suitable for power systems.

ia_100000006.jpgBut the battery energy storage must solve two core technologies: one is the battery performance, the other is the interface technology. All kinds of battery has different energy storage performance. Nickel zinc battery is only suitable for mobile phones and other small equipment. Lead-acid battery, nickel cadmium battery, nickel metal hydride battery have low energy density (lead-acid battery energy density is 37-45 w/kg). Sodium sulfur battery and lithium iron battery has a high cost. Iron phosphate lithium battery now popular has some defects: one is the relatively backward technology and safety is not stable, two is low energy (now only 86-86 WH/KG), third is its small monomer (in case of more than 200AH, combustion and explosion may occur), and four is complicated processes and high costs. These defects make the lithium iron phosphate batteries to be not suitable for use as energy storage.

Taken together, therefore, energy storage battery must meet the following conditions: one is high security and no explosion; two is to make the monomer enough big and let the battery management system function well; three is to have a wide range of use temperatures (operations are available in a - 45 to 85 degrees temperature environment); four is to have good good consistency and mature production technology; five is to have a low self-discharge rate, monthly not exceeding 3%; Six is to have a long life of use (at least more than 30 years); Seven is to be environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

Now, I'm afraid only rare earth lithium-ion batteries from Thunder-sky Winston can meet these conditions, because they have the following characteristics: battery energy density of 150-190 watts per kilogram; water-soluble adhesives and cascading process; Monomer capacity up to 10000AH (batteries more than 1000AH are the most suitable for energy storage); simple production processes and good consistency; cost being only two thirds of that in the lithium iron phosphate batteries; a full use of domestic materials; temperature range of 45-85 degrees; suitability for rapid and slow charges; service life of 40 and 60 years.

Examples in use of energy storage type rare earth lithium-ion batteries

In fact, energy storage type rare earth lithium-ion batteries have been applied to a variety of fields and obtained a very good effect. The smart energy storage power station with independent intellectual property rights from Thunder-sky Winston has been widely used, which has the following characteristics: simple design, convenient management, auto control, self-discharge rate of less than 3% per month, no need for manual maintenance, and ability to be set up on the ground or underground.

The smart energy storage power station is modular, so it can easily made into various sizes used in office buildings, family villas, large hotels, hospital operating rooms, portal websites, and scientific research institutes and so forth. It can set up with the power storage and output periods. According to the set output power, length of continuous work, it can set up with the function of the auto charging. Therefore, it can ensure uninterrupted power supply, and spends only 1/5 of the electricity cost.

Example 1: mobile emergency energy storage vehicle


In Guangdong province, Shenzhen Longgang Power Bureau uses it. It is a 1MW product. It can save 80% with a self-discharge rate lower than 3% per month. It does not need any floating charge or maintenance.

It is ready for any case. It is fast and extremely convenient. In the past fiver year of run, no failure has occurred.

In addition, it was used as a backup power in 2013 BOAO Asia Forum.(This product can be used in military operation, disaster relief, geological drilling, field operation, etc.)

Example 2: this product is used in the office building of Thunder-sky Winston. Spec: 1MW.

Electric energy is stored in the period of valley (23:00-7:00), and delivered in the period of peak (7:00-23:00).

Example 3: this product (WINSTON HALL) is used Burns Engineering College of University of California, Riverside. Spec: 2MW.

This is the only equipment approved to be linked with the power grid in the country. Since September 19, 2014 with its start of operation, no failure has occurred. It can save $22000 per year for the building of the College. The excessive power can be delivered to the power grid.

Example 4: this product is used in Zero Carbon Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo. Specs: 620.72 KWH, fixed, solar, and intelligent.

It has 280 pieces of rare earth lithium-ion batteries with the monomer of 700AH. Every day it collect and store solar and wind energies on the roof, which are used in all kinds of electric appliances. This product will be kept forever with Zero Carbon Pavilion always providing electricity for the said pavilion.

Example 5: Indonesia a country with a lot of islands uses rare earth lithium-ion batteries from the said company (MW level) in the first solar energy refrigerator worldwide, in which solar panels absorb light into electrical energy stored in the smart energy storage battery. 100 MW/H is a new record in the world. Indonesia plans every year from 2016 to 2026 to build 50 to 100 solar energy refrigerators using rare earth lithium-ion batteries from the said company.


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