Company culture

Devote to industry development, stand in clean energy field, serve the world, and benefit the mankind.

Development Strategy:
Base on Water-based lithium power batteries, develop pure electric vehicles and clean energy storage.

Core Value:
People-oriented, Self-discipline and Social Commitment,Reputation is the soul, Quality first.

Marketing Concept:
Customer first, Honest service, Attention to demand, Mutual benefit and win-win.

Corporate Vision:
Share achievements with employees, Create brilliance with customers, and Make progress together with the world.

Corporate Goal:
To become the world's leading supplier of lithium power batteries.

Oriental Smart Lion Staff’s 13 Wishes


To treat everyone with a sincerity, To rectify wrong doing with positive orientation,

To enjoy the things around with a good heart, To appreciate who lies to you with a wide heart,

To accept the facts with a normal heart, Share joys with others with a happy heart,

To help the needed with a compassionate heart, To correct our mistakes with a humble heart,

To retain our correct idea with a unchanged heart, To fulfill duties and obligations with a brave heart,

To transit successful experience with a selfless heart, To face difficulties given up with a broad perspective,

To show gratitude to all with a grateful heart.