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The Visit from the Chairman of Fujian Wanrun New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Source:本站   Date:2017-04-12


March 26th, Ling Yuzhang, the chairman of Fujian Wanrun New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, and Chen Yong, the chairman of Fujian jingmen investment group, visited the factory. With the company of Winston, they visited and inspected the application of lithium battery used in electric car and electric camper. Later, they also took a test drive of the electric camper and Lincoln and were impressed by the quality battery. The chairmen had the further understanding of the new energy battery production after visiting the production lines. In the meeting room, Winston introduced the production lines which designed in US to the guests.

The picture of Winston and distinguished guest in front of Lithium car ▲

The guest visited the electric luxury camper with the company of Winston▲

The guest visited new production lines with the company of Winston ▲

Winston introduced 10000AH lithium battery to guests▲

Winston had a meeting with the guests ▲

The deputy president ...
The purchasing direct...

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