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Mr. Brandon Williams, President of PV Energy Storage I E Company, USA, and Ms. Maggie Williams come to our company for a friendly working visit.

Source:本站   Date:2017-06-09


On the morning of June 9th 2017, Mr. Brandon Williams, President of US I&E Company, together with his wife, Ms. Maggie Williams,came to Changtai Oriental Smart Lion New Power Battery Co., Ltd. for a friendly working visit. US I&E Company is a major customer who has been using Oriental Smart Lion Thundersky Winston battery for many years. The company has been purchasing 700 AH & 1000AH and other rare earth lithium power batteries in a long period of time, which is mainly used in solar,wind energy household storage and commercial market in the United States of America.

A photo of CEO Mr.Zhong Xuhang and Mr. Brandon Williams to mark the occasion

CEO Mr. Zhong Xuhang communicate with guests in conference room

The purchasing direct...
Italian S.p.A Company...

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