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Mr. Winston Chung Met With the Guests Who from Shan Xi Province

Source:本站   Date:2014-01-22


On the morning of January 21st, Zhang Xiaofeng, the deputy party secretary of Shanxi province, had a visit to Thunder Sky Winston Company.

Xinzhou city is located in the north central part of Shanxi Province, which covers a total area of 2, 5000 square kilometers. The city is rich in resources which have proven reserves of mineral resources more than 50, with great potential of development. At present, the city has initially established a coal, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, equipment manufacturing and other industrial system.

There are several guests came along with the deputy party secretary, the name lists as below: Cui Zhengling- Xinzhou deputy secretary-general, Chen Suoping- deputy director of the Xinzhou development zone, Wen Jianjun- the mayor of Yuanping city, Li Quanqing-mayor assistant of Yuanping city, Liu Liang- Pingrang’s county magistrate, Song Haiping- county development and reform commission, Qiao Jianjun- deputy director of China merchants center

The chairman, Zhong Xuhang, introduced the company to guests

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