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The Nonprofit Cultural Programs into the Community

Source:本站   Date:2015-11-16


On November 12th, the 2015 annual public cultural activities into the community, that is Cantonese Opera into community activities, which hold by Shenzhen City Tourism Bureau and Shenzhen Association of Mass Culture.Nanshan district Cantonese Opera troupe came to Thunder Sky Winston and had a public performance. Wonderful pure Cantonese Opera and careful performance were welcomed and liked by the group staff, especially the Cantonese Opera fans.

    Before the performance, the general manager Zhong Xuhang, on behalf of the group welcomed the crew came to Thunder Sky Winston. Smart Lion Battery Company cares about the righteousness and justice, active in community service, meanwhile donates tens of millions of dollars in global since its inception.

    The performance started at 7.30; there were five Cantonese Operas performed in the past 2 hours,《Shi Lin Ji Ta》《Zhai Yin Hui》《Bai Long Guan》《Tie Zhang Ju Rou Qing》and one creative opera《Bao Gong Zhu Kao.Ju Hui》. Those operas were greeted with a storm of applause.

Exclude leaders of Thunder Sky Winston Company, Shenzhen Municipal Propaganda Department、Tourism Bureau staff, community leaders also watched this show.

Before watching the show, all guests visited battery exhibition hall、pure electric bus、pure electric cars and energy storage station. They all appreciated the research and development of clean energy, and will support the company because of green manufacturing.

The organizer also made a survey about the cultural life of staffs, and got the satisfactory results.

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