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A Grand Opening Ceremony of the Completion of Changtai Comany of Thunder Sky Winston Energy Group Limited

Source:本站   Date:2016-11-22


November 16th, Thunder Sky Winston Battery(Changtai) Limited held a grand opening ceremony which is about the completion of the first phase project. Vice president Mr. Zhu Zhanxin, general manager Mr. Zhong Xuhang of Changtai company and Changtai county party secretary Mr. Fang Murong, Changtai county party vice secretary, vice county mayor, acting mayor Mr. Chen Liyu, director of the Standing Committee of Changtai county Mr. Ye Yaqiang, the chairman of the Changtai political commissar Mr. Zheng Yuancheng, Party secretary of the Changtai CPPCC Mr. Zeng Jianping, County Committee Member, minister of organization Mr. Huang Jianpeng and other leaders joined the project celebration and help Thunder Sky Winston Battery(Changtai) Limited cut the ribbon.

With the development of global clean energy industry, Thunder Sky Winston Group rare earth lithium iron power battery has a growing customer group, production volume increases year by year. Relying on the current scale and capacity of the Shenzhen li-ion power battery factory alone has not been able to keep pace with the market. In order to meet the needs of the global customers, expand the scale and the production, the board of directors of the company has decided to implement the relocation plan which they have been kicking around for a long time. This marks Thunder Sky Winston rare earth lithium-ion power battery production base in Shenzhen which have 18 years history will step down from the stage of history and the world's largest fully automatic production of rare earth lithium-ion power battery green battery manufacturing base will be born in Changtai economic development zone which located in Fujian province Xiamen free trade area.

In the brief but grand ribbon cutting ceremony, the spokesman of Changtai county government Mr. Huang Jianpeng gave a  passionate speech that Thunder Sky Winston company dedicated to research and produce the rare earth lithium-ion power energy storage battery and mobile power battery, technology is on the leading point in the world, it has independent intellectual property rights, is the only rare earth lithium-ion rechargeable battery which invented by the Chinese in the world. He also said it is a innovative and with high technology enterprise they introduced ,Thunder Sky Winston’s project will drive Changtai county to make a new breakthrough in new energy industry.

Then, Vice president Mr. Zhu Zhanxin, general manager Mr. Zhong Xuhang of Changtai company accompanied Changtai county party secretary Mr. Fang Murong and other 80 persons visited the NO.1 workshop from the third floor Electrode Manufacturing, the second floor Batteries Seal to the first floor Finished Product area. After visiting the workshop, they felt amazed and were confident with the Thunder Sky Winston’s future development.

Thunder Sky Winston Battery (Changtai) Limited covers an area of 300 mu, the planned total investment is 2 billion yuan. At present, there is a 6 - storey modern administrative office building, 5 independent large production workshops, and now has a workshop area of 70,000 square meters. It has already begun to install production line equipment, and the second phase of the workshop covers an area of 80,000 square meters and is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. After the completion of the project, Thunder Sky Winston battery (Chang tai) limited can provide more than 1,000 jobs. If it reaches the expected capacity, it will provide six billion yuan of annual output value, and more than 200 million yuan tax a year, the production efficiency will be 20 times than Shenzhen factory, it will further strengthen its leading position in the clean energy industry.

Thunder Sky Winston Battery (Changtai) Limited is located in Changtai economy development zone which is in Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou ecological core area. It is only 30 minutes from Changtai to the national Xiamen free trade zone by car and 3 hours from north Shenzhen station to Xiamen or Zhangzhou station by high-speed train. Changtai county has a thousand years history and it is a hometown of Number One Scholar. There are Xiacheng, Fu guang and Shenhai highway crossing the county. The natural condition is superior, the ecological environment is beautiful, the economy develops fast, the society is harmonious and peaceful, the county successively obtains the title of “national ecological demonstration area” and “the garden county” and so on. On the other hand, Changtai economic development zone is near to the county town, Mayang river eco-tourism district, upscale ecological residence, national forest park Tianzhu mountain and “the first drifting in Fujian”, etc. Star hotels, shops, markets, hospitals, staff apartments, primary and secondary schools, vocational schools and other public facilities are becoming perfect and with a new office building in the park, bright and spacious workshops, broad road and high standard greening, etc. Therefore, the staff in Changtai can enjoy better quality, more convenient ancillary services.

Thunder Sky Winston Group take Changtai company as a new starting point and begin its new journey. The completion of Changtai company first phase project means that Thunder Sky Winston Group has been step into the developing fast track, which is a important milestone in China and even all over the world , it will also add new vigor, inject new vitality, bring new phenomenon to Thunder Sky Winston Group.

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