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Company Profile

    Thunder Sky Winston Battery(Changtai) Limited is controlled by Thunder Sky Winston Energy Group Limited and co-invested by two natural persons who respectively are famous entrepreneurs Mr. Zhu Zhanxin and Mr. Chen Changdao . Thunder Sky Winston Battery(Changtai) Limited 's first phase investment is 1.3 billion yuan , its registered capital is 130 million yuan. Thunder Sky Winston Battery(Changtai) Limited is a research and development, production and sales company, which covers an erea of 300 mu.The initial construction area is 210,000 square meters, the company have 1300 researchers and production workers.Company is a production enterprise which focused on clean energy technology research and development and production of rare earth lithium-ion power battery, making relevant upstream and downstream supporting materials as assistant. 

     Thunder Sky Winston Battery(Changtai) Limited is located in Changtai Development Zone, Zhangzhou city which is 26 kilometers from Xiamen free trade area, Fujian province. The company has two stages of construction, the first period covers an area of 183 mu. the second stage of the construction is 117 mu. The first phase annual production is 1.5 billion amps’s energy storage and green electric vehicle monomer “Thunder sky” and “Winston” lithium iron battery from model 10000AH to 1000AH, 700AH,400AH,200AH and 160AH etc. These types of batteries have been put into production on November 16, 2016. The second phase annual production is one billion amps’s  high energy density of consumer battery which is expected to start in the latter half of 2017.If the first and second stage reach the production target, the annual output can reach 2.5 billion amh, annual sales income can be about $2.5 billion (about 17 billion yuan), the products are mainly exported.

    “Thunder sky”, “Winston” batteries and the company which was named after “Thunder Sky” and “Winston” was established by Winston Chung, a inventor of the world famous rare earth lithium power battery. Since 1999, the rare earth lithium power rechargeable batteries are insured by  “AIG” & “AXA” international insurance company. Rare earth lithium power batteries are popular in Europe and the United States, and they are trusted by customers and the products  fall short of the demand.