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Company Profile

Oriental Smart Lion New Power Battery Limited with a registered capital of 70 million, the company integrates research and development, production and sales , the first phase construction area of 53000 square meters, scientific research and production staff of more than 300.The company focuses on the research and development of clean energy technology and the production of THUNDER SKY and WINSTON's rare earth lithium power battery as the main industry, and the related upstream and downstream supporting raw materials as auxiliary manufacturing enterprises.

The company is located in the zhangzhou Changtai economic development zone, 26 kilometers away from xiamen free trade area, Fujian province.The company covers an area of 200 mu, construction of yttrium energy storage type of lithium battery from 10000 ampere hour to 1000 ampere hour, 700 ampere hour, 400 ampere hour, 200 ampere hour, 160 ampere hour specifications and so on. They are “thunder sky”and "Winston" brand products, the trial production has been made on 16th, November 2016 and the new automation line was officially put into operation in July 2017.In 2018, two automatic production lines will be put into operation for artificial intelligent manufacturing planning, which will form a billion of lithium ion batteries for energy storage, and the production capacity of lithium sulphur battery in the later half of the year will be 1 billion ampere hour.In 2019, it is expected to complete the annual production of yttrium batteries and mobile rare earth lithium-sulfur batteries which will be a billion ampere hour per year.