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Winston Global energy center

Winston Chung academician donated $10 million and $6.8 million of yttrium lithium-ion energy storage battery to the University of California Burns Engineering College to build "Winston global energy research center" in 2010, carry out all the year round with rare earth trace element and lithium storage material research, at the same time it is determined that the "principle of life", which was invented by academician Chung, can be used to study and practice the oxygen original reaction of rechargeable batteries.

"Winston global energy research center" use 1000Ah energy storage type rare earth lithium yttrium power battery in series which is used in building valley electric energy storage for all the year round;At the same time, it built the largest solar energy storage power station in university, the renewable energy, clean environmental protection power station, through the solar panel photovoltaic which are deposited in the rare earth lithium yttrium power battery pack, which was  supplied to the city of Los Angeles, California on September 19, 2014, and can be charged to the electric school bus.