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R&D Center

With a strongl technical researching power,Thunder Sky Winston Battery has invested heavily in ongoing research and update for global customers over the years.

"Rare earth Lithium-ion Battery" with high energy density, high voltage, better performance,longer cycle life, which is invented by Mr.Winston Chung, and also known as the King of Batteries, leads the industry worldwide in the technical and practical aspects.

When used in pure electric vehicles, it can lead to mileage of 300, 600, and 2000 km after a stable charging of 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, respectively. Moreover, many times of charging and discharging can be done in its positive electrode active material. The battery life can lead to one million kilometers or more for electric vehicles.

Thunder Sky Winston Battery produce 18 models of storage rare earth Lithium-ion Yittrium battery from 40AH to 10000AH with mass energy density of 150WH/KG and more than 5800 times of charging and discharging. The life of urban electric tax can lead to one million kilometers, and it's the No.1 in the world.

The mass energy density of  the developing mobile type of rare earth Lithium-sulfur battery can reach 1200WH/KG in lab, but it can be 2600WH/KG according to the theory of index and also it could double space for the energy density.This type of battery is expected to mass produce in the next year.

Many studies for rare earth lithium battery conducted by key laboratories in the United States, University of California, University of Texas and so forth have shown that this is the great invention of humankind in the 21st century and brings benefits for all people in the world.

Smart energy storage power stations with independent intellectual property rights possessed by Thunder Sky Winston, on the one hand, are able to solve large-scale, heavy-duty, fast charging problems and pave the way for the operation of the pure electric car business model; on the other hand, solve the worldwide problems of electricity storage systems. Smart energy storage power plants can improve the balance of power needs, so very significant in ensuring the safe operation of the power grid.

So far, the rare earth lithium battery has already obtained more than 20 patents in regions and countries all over the world. The Group has completely international independent intellectual property rights.