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Emergency Power Vehicle

Mobile Energy Storage Emergency Power Vehicle

Nominal Capacity:300KW、500KW、1600KW

Operation Voltage:Customized


Cycle Life:≥ 20 years.

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Unlike traditional lead-acid battery or Ni Cd, Ni MH battery, TSW lithium ion battery bears the advantages of :
√ Low self-discharge rate
√ High energy density
√ Large monomer capacity
√ Safety and reliability

As long as the TSW emergency energy storage vehicle is fully charged by off-peak electricity /wind energy /solar energy, it can be parked for half a year to one year for standby. During this period, there is no need to continue floating charging, which is very convenient.

It can also be made into a 300kW/ 1600kw solution or a megawatt energy storage station. It is very convenient for power supply in the fields of national defense and military, as well as civil disaster relief or large public activities. At ordinary times, it is fully charged with off-peak electricity and ready to go to the destination to provide emergency uninterrupted power supply.

Moreover, water-based yttrium oxide has high temperature resistance, it's suitable for rapid charging. The long cycle life and excellent consistency of battery charging & discharging enable the it's service life to more than 20 years.

Product Dimension

Small size, large capacity